WMS Students work in the garden whenever the weather is warm enough.

Do you have a love for the outdoors? The WMS Outdoor Learning Center Garden is looking for some generous parents and friends to help us! Teacher Jenny Craig has pulled together an Amazon Wish List of some needed items to help with our garden this year. 

This is an amazing green space that our school utilizes for outdoor classes. It also provides our school community with fresh veggies in the fall as well as strawberries and grapes. We have over 20 fruit and vegetable beds that provide fresh produce for our students and their families, and some of our classes even learn to cook with them! The fresh pesticide-free produce is given out to students to take home several times in the summer and throughout the fall. There are also many pollinator beds in the garden. 

Our learning space is in need of some updates and repairs. Our students help with that as well. The garden survives on donations and by the help of our amazing volunteers who water, weed, and cut during the summer months. If you are interested in helping to donate some much needed materials, please check out our Amazon List linked below. We are also always in need of dirt, bags of soil, upgraded tools and wheelbarrows, and basic garden equipment. Contact Jenny Craig at 304-243-0425 if you have any questions or would like to help donate anything that may not be on the list: WMS Outdoor Learning Space Wish List.